Staying Protected When Driving With Pets

Anyone who has driven with pets; be it dogs or cats will tell you it is a nerve wracking task filled with constant dread and anxiety. Cats have a tendency to walk all over the car, climb into your lap, the dashboard or try to rest on your legs and dogs get anxious or over active depending on the mental state of each dog. This usually ends up with deafening barks and howls that will drive any sane person nuts. In many parts of the world an accident caused due to a pet will be classified as a distracted driving violation. This carries heavy fines and in extreme conditions can cost you jail time.

Variocage dog cages are a vehicle accessory designed to help you avoid all the mentioned problems and help you have a calm and stress free journey. They are engineered with utmost precision and are made to withstand impacts from the rear and front and keep your dog inside comfortably until you reach your destination. Made of wire mesh and plastic, some are made using steel for utmost durability and safety, and have the ability to compress slightly while absorbing damage and keep yourself and the dog safe. Some cages come with a feature that enables the user to adjust the length to fit different cargo areas, making them perfect if you have multiple vehicles. Go right here if you are looking for perfect dog cage.

A barrier cage is another equipment that can be integrated into your vehicle to aid you and keep you safe when transporting pets. Made of metal, they act as a shield between your trunk and the rest of your car. It can keep your dog safely in the trunk (in vehicles like SUVs not cars) and not only that it can help you keep other items safely without moving around. If you brake hard and unexpectedly, free items like your sports equipment or your groceries have the chance to float around and hit you. A barrier cage can you give you protection against freak accidents like this and are acknowledged to be able to hold up a vehicle roof during a rollover. If you’re interested, you can find cargo barriers for sale at most pet shops or look for cheap deals on the internet.

 Some outlets will offer to fix it for you or a small trip to the garage will get the job done in a couple of minutes. The barriers can be custom made for each vehicle and these provide greater security and feature a higher build quality than universal barriers found around, but universal barriers have the benefit of working on multiple types of vehicle.