Responsibilities Of A Property Manager

Property managers are employed to manage and take care of all rents and tenant related affairs, at a rental property, they have several duties and responsibilities to undertake such as;

Rent related

At the property management, it is preached that the activities related to rent is solely the responsibility of property managers. They are expected to judge the market surroundings when setting the rent amount, and strictly enforcing the rules on collection of rent amounts while also making reasonable changes into the rent amount at a given instance.

Tenant related

A property manager is also required to find the suitable tenants for the property, with thorough background checks and reliability to the payments, handling any emergencies at the property will also belong to him. Preparing the property for other tenants after the move out of one is a vital duty, as he has to make arrangements for repairs and other refurbishing needed.He is required to handle any leasing services related to new tenants while having them recorded methodically for future references.


All maintenance or repair related affairs are also taken care by property managers, by sending regular checks for the utilities at the property such as the water lines or lawn related issues, which would be unlikely in the case of good off the plan apartments, as they are relatively newer buildings and would reduce the rate of maintaining needed to be done by the property managers.

Responsible for budgeting

Since he is in charge from repairs to signing in tenants, he is expected to follow a budget and have them recorded methodically while indicating the amounts for repairs and refurbishments just as importantly as the tenant information is recorded.

Supervising responsibilities

If a manager in charge of the property has subordinates under him, such as the gardener, or the maids, he/she must make sure to direct and supervise them to do the correct tasks and what all is expected of them in managing the property.


A manager is expected to have a clear knowledge on the property related taxes and how they should be filed and managed without an issue arising.